It was time for a reset.


Sometimes starting over is good…

I haven’t spent much time on my blog the last few years. #life But I plan on changing that…at least a little bit!

I don’t plan on writing daily or even weekly…but probably more like monthly. Perhaps about life or work updates. Perhaps just random stories. Some months I might write several times…some months I might not write at all.

This post is a reset and update on what I’ve been up to the last few months!

There are 2 new projects I’ve been working on… is a job posting website specially for churches and church job seekers. The site makes posting church job openings fast, easy, and affordable for churches and applying for church jobs fast and simple for job seekers.

I am pretty happy with how it’s running right now and have received great feedback from dozens of churches who have already posted jobs using the site. The goal is to be the first place churches and church job seekers turn to online.

No, I don’t plan on having my daughter complete college before kindergarten…but I do plan on saving for her college education before kindergarten starts. At least $6,000 to be exact!

The blog will follow my journey in making and saving money online for college. You might ask if that is even a real thing? Yes! I have made several hundred dollars on this very blog back when I used to write on a regular basis and hope to do that on my new blog as well!

Both projects are keeping me busy along with my day job, family and life. Hopefully I’ll have good updates for both projects in the future and remember to update this blog as well.

That’s all for now…thanks for stopping by!

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