About Me

My name is Chris.

I’ve lived on the Left Coast since 84.

I believe in Love, Hope, Forgiveness, Sasquatch, and Jesus. Sometimes, but not always in that order.

I am a husband, father, son, and friend.

I love my family, music, baseball, traveling, Disneyland, and Apple.

I own Revision Printing.

I’ve been blogging at ChrisLoach.com since 2005.

Currently working on: FindAChurchJob.com, TheLoveLetterer.net, CollegeByKindergarten.com

ChrisLoach.com is my person thoughts, views, opinions, and beliefs. Sometimes they change. They don’t always reflect the views of my employers, family, friends, neighbors, enemies, Sasquatch, or even myself at times. Basically it’s just my gibberish. I hope you hate it.

Feel free to contact me here.

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